Side effects of lasik

What you need to know about lasik side effects before surgery

It is not common to speak about lasik side effects. The surgeons tend to sell the benefits instead of providing comprehensive information to the prospective clients. In this article we lift the veil off this issue.

To start with, side effects of lasik are not rare at all. You can expect approximately half of the patients to experience problems. However, majority of the issues are not serious and can be easily treated. Only a few percent encounter problems that have to be diagnosed and treated further.

Possible risks

The laser eye surgery side effects include problems that may occur at night time. The patient’s sight may have difficulties adjusting to new light sources. Thus, if someone strikes a beam of light at you at night (even deliberately), it may reduce your vision next to none – your sight will be obstructed by halos.

In order to reduce the risks that are tightly connected to lasik eye surgery side effects, please avoid any potentially dangerous activities for the period when your sight may be impaired (e.g. like driving). If the problems persist over an extended period of time, don’t hesitate to see a doctor. Timely interference of a qualified professional will help you preserve your sight.

Every ophthalmologist is legally obliged to inform the patients about possible lasik surgery side effects. If a person is not instructed on this topic before the procedure, he is entitled to file a complaint and obtain reimbursement.

Keep in mind that intense surgery is not the solution to every case. On the contrary, it may result in increasingly severe issues. Please consider moderate interference to avoid piling up problems. The best way to avoid the side effects of lasik surgery is to use help of a highly qualified professional.

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