LASIK for presbyopia. Monovision treatment.

Monovision LASIK treatment – a solution for aging patients

People in their forties have to deal with certain issues concerning their eyesight. By this age the cornea loses its plastic qualities, becomes stiffer and more ‘plate like’. This is inevitable, but the issue can be corrected with monovision lasik.

This condition is called presbyopia, and it leads to inability to focus on objects close up or at a certain distance. The issue becomes more severe as time passes, thus it is crucial to take action early on.

LASIK for presbyopia is asymmetric. This means that one eye is corrected to see well at a distance, while the other is left slightly shortsighted for a reason – it is required to sharpen close up vision.

Several things to keep in mind about LASIK

After presbyopia LASIK treatment the brain requires certain time to adjust to the new vision, but it shouldn’t take long before you see well again. In most cases cornea heals to its pre-surgery state in about 24 hours, and you can get back to work the next day.

An important thing to consider is that LASIK presbyopia procedures will not stop the inevitable aging issues. You might require reading glasses as time passes on, and the vision might not be as sharp as it was a decade ago. Still, this is by far the most efficient solution.

Having a clear idea of the lasik monovision treatment, its pros and cons as well as consequences is crucial to making the right decision. Please consult a professional ophthalmologist to determine if LASIK is the right solution for you.

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