Lasik surgery age restrictions

As all the surgery procedures LASIK demands very intensive attention to the age of the patient. The reason of it is the regular change of vision characteristics. During all his life a person undergoes different changes in his eye conditions and not in all periods of time LASIK can give good results. There are some age categories that are not advised to come through LASTIK.

Millions of people prefer to come through LASIK laser surgery because of its significant safety and effectiveness making people vision better.

Many people over the age of 40 want to know if they will be still appropriate candidates. When you think of LASIK, don`t forget that every generation has to come across its own unique necessities and problems, dealing with vision. So if you come to the conclusion that LASIK id the best way to solve your problems with your vision, you should know that a patient’s age has a great influence on the kind of LASIK he can undergo and the result of it can also be different.

The most suitable LASIK eye surgery age is between 18 and 38. To go through the LASIK if you are less than 18 is not advisable, because of changes that are still going on in your eyes. Age for laser eye surgery is very prominent.

About the age of 40, human eyes begin changing again. At this period many people feel necessity of reading glasses because of the process called presbyopia. LASIK can`t help in correction presbyopia, but some people with these symptoms agree to have monovision. Monovision is a kind of laser eye surgery that corrects one eye for near vision and the other eye for distance vision.

Age does not immediately make you improper for going through LASIK, but there are many factors that influence your candidacy for the surgery. Only the examination of a qualified LASIK professional will let you know if LASIK is suitable for you and which technique is better personally.

As for LASTIK over 50 and older, patients usually undergo age-related problems that cannot be solved with LASIK surgery, such as cataracts. Cataracts are the condition which occurs when the natural lens in the eye is cloudy, leading to troubled vision. It is one of the most common reasons of old people vision loss. Patients with cataracts should come through cataract surgery, in which the artificial lens replaces the real but not working one.

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