Lasik procedure

A single LASIK procedure is enough: true or false?

For some reason there is a widespread rumour that lasik procedure doesn’t yield permanent result, which is to say the least ill-founded. In this article we dissect the consequences of eye surgery.

Before the lasik procedures are started, the prospective patient goes through extensive research. Keep in mind that during the treatment a part of the cornea is removed, and the remaining tissue is shaped surgically. If every action is performed the right way, the cornea won’t deteriorate or show any other signs of tear and wear.

Lasik process is conducted in strict conformity with international standards that are established to ensure a certain level of safety. You can be sure that a certified ophthalmologist will provide stable result that will last a lifetime.

High success rate

Recent research shows that the second lasik surgery is required extremely rarely – no more than 3 in a hundred patients have to take it for a second time. Actually, the reported cases didn’t have anything to do with the results of LASIK. Usually the reason are changes in the person’s eyes that are inevitable and happen with or without the surgery.

Modern equipment makes lasik one an extremely effective procedure given that the patient’s eyesight can endure the said procedure. The doctor is legally obliged to provide you with all the necessary information for you to make a responsible decision.

Having in-depth understanding of one to one lasik is crucial to making the right decision. Please consult a specialist before having eye surgery.

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