Lasik post operational instructions

The period of healing after LASIK surgery is not very long and most patients have little or almost no pain. As usual people can come back to the majority of normal activities the following day and start working in one or two days after the surgery. But for the quickest recovery you should follow the LASIK post op instructions.

You should do several important things during the day of your procedure. The whole process will take about 10 minutes with one eye. After LASIK, you will have to rest your eyes for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then you should be examined by your specialist. Get ready to ask your questions before you leave home.

You should ask someone to drive you home. After LASIK go home. Don`t go anywhere else. When you come home, and take a sleep for about 3 or four hours because you should have your eye closed. Blooming or white fog is typical during the first day.

Unknown sensations in your body, tears, light sensitivity, disturbing feeling are usual, especially in a few hours after the procedure. The most unpleasant moment will happen usually between 2 and 4 hours after LASIK. So post op LASIK will help you to overcome unpleasant side-effects after the procedure. There are some prominent things that you should or shouldn`t do.

  • Don’t take a shower or wash your hair for one or even two days after LASIK.
  • Try to prevent soap getting into your eyes during washing or taking a shower.
  • Don`t rub your eyes with a towel foe about a month after LASIK.
  • Don`t drive until your doctor let you do it.
  • Forget about swimming pools, whirlpools and saunas, and other open water at least for 3 weeks after LASIK.
  • Don`t use make up for about a week after the eye laser surgery.
  • Don`t do any exercises after LASIK no less than 10 days.
  • Try to wear eye protection for about the first month once you have resumed exercise and sports activities after laser eye surgery.

It`s necessary to tell several words about side effects to the LASIK, that a patient can come across. After the eye laser surgery you can experience increased sensitivity to light, glare, and other unpleasant changes in your vision. These problems usually appear during the normal stabilization period. It can last from one to three months. But sometimes, in very rare cases, it can be permanent. If these unpleasant after-effects take place for more than 2-3 month, you should contact your doctor.

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