Lasik Halos and glare

Usually LASIK causes halo effect, also termed LASIK halos. When the pupil of the eye becomes larger the severity of halos and post-LASIK starbursts also increases. In order to describe these optical distortions the LASIK industry uses the expression “LASIK glare”.

Commonly halos appear around any luminous area or reflective object after you used LASIK. Though the patient possibly won`t be able to drive at night anymore, the LASIK industry does not consider these optical distortions to be a post-LASIK complication. But the fact is that the quality of life may be diminished because of LASIK halos and other visual abnormalities.

The results of a large retrospective research of LASIK consequences are the following: 30% of patients complained about halos, 27% about glare, and 25% about starbursts. (Bailey et al, 2003)

lasik halo1

On the picture below, you can see that the yellow caution traffic sign and white stripe on the edge of the road have a LASIK halo, while the street lamps look like starbursts.

The next picture shows halos around table lamps in a restaurant and lack of contrast sensitivity after LASIK in wan light.

lasik halo2

Below the viewer can see soft post-LASIK halos.

lasik halo3

A night scene depicting the increasing post-LASIK halos severity is shown below.

lasik halo4

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