Ghosts, or Double Vision, after LASIK

After LASIK, LASEK, or PRK refractive surgeries, a number of patients complain of watching multiple images. At times they are identified as ghost images, or just ghosts. Doctors term this effect “monocular polyopia”. Literally this phrase means “one eye, a lot of images.”

Post-LASIK corneal irregularities cause ghosts. There are patients who watch a single ghost image and those who see a number of ghosts. Ghost images vision may be relatively clear or so foggy that it is almost impossible to distinguish the ghost from the real image.

Talking about LASIK double vision it is necessary to mention that ghosting is usually seen at night, but it may appear by the light depending on the character of the corneal irregularity. Decentered ablation, induced astigmatism, or large eye pupils can also result in ghosting. In patients with large eye pupils, light goes through both the treated and untreated cornea areas leading to a multi-focal cornea. The multi-focal cornea brings to multiple images.

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