Free lasik consultation

Before you go through eye surgery, you get a free lasik consultation from an experienced ophthalmologist – usually the one who will be performing surgery if you are the right candidate for this procedure.

The doctor will also ask questions about your plans concerning LASIK surgery, what you want to achieve. You should have realistic expectations for the treatment before your surgery. To make things clear, it is not a magical procedure that removes issues forever. You may require reading glasses when you grow older. However, LASIK will definitely help you transit to a more active lifestyle.

Getting ready for surgery

After lasik consultation the doctor will run a series of tests to determine if your eyes are fit for the surgery. All of them are painless and don’t require any invasive procedures. The aim of is to gather information about your eye’s topography and structure. Besides, a tear film examination may be required to check if the tissue is excessively dry.

If you use contact lenses on a regular basis, the doctor will most likely ask you to stop using it for several days (or in some cases – weeks) before examination. This is required because contact lenses alter the shape of your cornea, and the tissue has to return to its normal state to determine if your eye is fit for surgery.

Another important thing is your health story – what kind of issues you had in the past, if you are allergic to something, etc. These factors may have a heavy impact on the eyesight recovery rate. Please make sure that you provide the doctor with comprehensive information.

You will have an opportunity to ask any questions that may bother you. You have the right to be informed about the surgery, and it’s up to you to make the final decision.

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