Elderly bathroom safety accessories

Bathroom safety is important, especially for seniors. Bathroom safety can prevent falls and serious accidents. Falling in the bathroom is often caused by a lack of balance, slippery surfaces or an obstacle on the floor that causes tripping.

Bathroom falls can produce mild or serious injuries. However, accidents in the bathroom can be prevented by installing several bathroom safety accessories.

One bathroom accessory that can help is grab bars. Grab bars offer seniors something to grasp and hold on to when entering and exiting the shower or bathtub. In addition, grab bars can also be installed near the toilet where it can help with balance and leverage.

Another preventative measure is by putting nonslip strips in the bottom of the tub or shower. Nonslip strips can be found in various home and department stores.

To avoid trips and falls, never put down throw rugs in the bathroom. Instead, put down rugs that have grips on the bottom. Most importantly, make sure your bathroom has good lighting. Good lighting can prevent falls and are especially important for seniors who have vision or balance issues.

Installing a hand-held shower handle is another great way to add safety to a shower. It makes taking a shower safe and free of stress. Shower handles improve the safety of your bathroom and come with various settings for comfort and safety.

Toilet seat risers are wonderful for toilets that have low seats. By raising the seat of the toilet, you may prevent your family member from falling when using the bathroom. Grab bars near the toilet add to the safety of using the toilet.

Most importantly, make sure that seniors can reach toiletries such as shampoo and soap safely. This can be done by mounting an easy to reach liquid soap dispenser on the bathroom or shower wall. This will prevent reaching, bending and feeling unsteady while taking a bath or shower.

Other tips to keep a bathroom safe for seniors are providing caregiver assistance while a person is bathing or taking a shower. Installing a telephone or placing a cellphone in the bathroom can be especially helpful, in case a fall or injury occurs. This could be live-saving, especially for a senior who lives alone.

Installing a swinging door to the bathroom can also be life-saving. If a senior falls against the door, outward swinging doors will allow emergency personnel or a caregiver to get in should a fall occur in the bathroom and that can be life-saving.

To conclude, bathroom safety is important, especially for seniors. Follow the above tips and suggestions and keep your loved ones safe and well.