Double vision after Lasik

People who are going to go through the LASIK should have much more information about after-effects that may occur. One of them is so called double vision. Lasik double vision is very common situation after the surgery. This phenomenon has a medical name: “monocular “polyopia”, which in normal language means “one eye, many images.” Double vision after LASIK is characterized by seeing multiple images.

Some specialist call this images ghost images or simply the ghost. These images are usually seen only by one eye. The patients who notice this state say it is very unpleasant.

The reason for these nasty changes is the changes to patient`s corneas. An improper corneal surface, generated by the surgery itself or, may create light rays to disperse instead of focusing as it should do. When both eyes are functioning correctly (working and focusing together), people can see only one image, but if they are functioning differently, double vision may occur. There are some reasons why LASIK double vision can appear.

One of them is an edema or epithelial defect after the surgery. The edema causes the corneal irregularity. As the edema is reduced the corneal irregularity disappears. Another reason is the influence of an inaccurate application of the laser energy. As for the ghost images, they can be almost transparent and sometimes they are so vivid that a patient can`t clearly understand which of them is real. Some patients complain of this problem during the night some of them see ghosts in bright light.

As a rule this phenomenon may appear just after the LASTIK and disappear very quickly. But don`t worry.  As studies report, more than 95% of patients, gone through the LASIK do not come across any serious side- effects at all and forget about the procedure in a fortnight or a bit more. Ghosting in is rather rare after-effect from LASIK eye surgery. But if such problem happens to you, you shouldn`t worry. Usually your oculist can prescribe you vision therapy. And after one month or a bit more everything should be Okay.

But if you suffer from double vision for more than two month, you may need to get some special tests and more detailed diagnosis. These symptoms may be matter of life or death, because the problem of ghost images may be not connected with LASIK but with much more serious disease such as a brain tumor or aneurysm. So contact your eye doctor as soon as possible if double vision lasts and develops.

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