Choosing The Right Walker For The Elderly

Many people at some point in their life may decided they need a walker to help with their mobility and to get around better. There are a few different types of walkers out on the market that a person can choose from, but with a little research a person will be able to pick the best walker for their mobility needs.

Before shopping for a walker, a person must first decide on a few factors. The main factor is how much the walker will be used or how far in range the person will walk using it at one time. A walker needs to be comfortable. The second factor is whether or not the user can handle wheels and brakes together. If the walker is going to be used outside of the home it will be better to pick one that folds up and is light weight. Below are the different types of walkers on the market and their benefits they give their handlers.

Basic Walker

Basic walkers do not have wheels and are generally the most common ones purchased. They give the most stability because they do not have wheels and are best used indoors.

Wheeled Walkers

Wheeled walkers have fixed wheels on the front that do not swivel. A wheeled walker will be easier to mobilize on uneven outdoor terrain, yet gives strong stability found in a basic non wheeled walker.

Rollator Walker

Rollator walkers are perfect for people who are on the go and leave the house often and walk long distances. Rollator walkers have wheels on all four legs that swivel. These types of walkers generally come with hand brakes and give the best range of mobility. Another great thing about these walkers is that many of them come with a seat and basket.

Basic Cane

For people who just need minimal help when walking, a cane may be best and more cost effective. Canes are also great for people who have an injury and their mobility issues are just temporary. Canes can help get a person out of chair and help with their balance.

The right walker depends on many factors of the individual that will be using it. If a person is having mobility issues and are at risk of falling they can contact their doctor or therapist to help determine what the perfect walker will be for their situation.