If you want to cease using your glasses or contacts Lasik NYC is the place for you. You will have access to the best lasik eye surgeons in the world. People from all over the United States have heard about and benefitted from the best lasik surgeons nyc. The locations are convenient and accessible by car or train.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery NYC? This is an office with optometrists and surgeons who affords those who usually wear contacts or glasses with vision correction. Lasik professionals now days can customize the surgical procedures to accommodate and fit your eyes. Patients report seeing almost perfectly after procedures are performed.

The doctors at NYC Lasik are all competent and skilled in the field of lasik eye surgery and much more. The specialist are thorough in their exams. Once you fill out the new patient form you can freely discuss your chances and necessities of having surgerical or non surgical procedures performed. Are you a good candidate? The surgeon will inform you of this very important question. About 10 -15% of the potential patients are told the truth if they are not good candidates for the lasik surgery. Even then the doctors give the hopefuls options. They may suggest a different surgery or recommend a different type of surgery. This consultation or evaluation exam measures your pupil’s diameter, depth, width and healthiness of the area around the eyes.

The actual surgeries performed at best lasik eye surgery nyc locations are of course the lasik surgery but include other. Other surgical actions such as corneal transplants, cataract surgery, dry eye treatments and recommendations for other eye problems allergies and other eye irritants are examined and considered by you and the doctors. Other procedures correct astigmatism, hyeropia and myopia. Another non-surgical procedure is Conductive Keratoplasty (CK). This is a popular procedure that treats farsightedness. The doctor uses a needle which probes the cornea. This probe uses electrical stimuli which correct the nerves in the cornea.

Lasik surgery NYC has the latest in technology. This technology helps them to analyze your eyes completely and finally allows them to customize the corrections of your vision. The operations are not one size fits all. They’re for your eyes only. The office lasers are FDA approved and safe, dependable, and effective. One type of lasik surgery called Lasik/PRK is a new method. The surgery not only corrects how much you can see, and how much you see, but it corrects your sensitivity to glare and halos. This laser surgery is more exact and tailored toward your needs.

You can receive a free consultation at TLC Lasik NYC. Although most insurance companies do not pay for lasik surgery, patients can use most credit cards or apply for financing and choose a 12 or 24 month payment plan. Immediately after the consultation you can apply for financing. Best Lasik NYC wants you to benefit from their professional services. Try the easy financing available.

Many who have visited this office are well pleased. Comments from former patients go from sheer excitement to amazement. Many people state how clearly they see. After the surgery there is a healing period of one day, one week, one month, three months and six months especially if you have to get enhancements after the initial surgery. Most patients must have someone drive them home. It’s usually recommended that the laser surgery patients keep their eyes closed until the next morning. Some situations vary for post op directions depending on what’s been done. After your consultation you will eagerly be ready to put away your glasses and contacts never to pick them up again.

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